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the act of putting an incoming call on silent when you know its your best friend on the other end desperate for help. After pulling an Alice, you delete the call data and pretend you never got the call. Later when you see your friend in jail after two days, you tell them you'll be there for them no matter what.
A: Did you not get my calls?
B: No!

A: are you pulling an alice on me?
B: No, you're my best friend.
A: I love you.
by ZARIHS December 23, 2013
Screwing a guy over...
or a girl if your male...
basically if you pull Alice's you become slutty?
just kidding...your just mean

Person 1: Gosh i started talking to this guy cause i got bored
Person 2: Your pulling an Alice....
by PMPfagFMLgaf June 06, 2009
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