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When a person lacks the basic ability to get up and out of bed in time. Mornings for this type of person are a time of extreme internal conflict, anger, frustration and a kind of actual personal hell as they attempt to prize themselves away from their bed and into the bathroom, almost as if instead of resting, the sleep has actually somehow drained every ounce of energy from their body. As such, this type of person is consistently late for work and finds it impossible to make early morning meetings at weekends. CAUTION: Although often sweet and mild mannered, a 'Tinaz-puller' can be extremely dangerous if disturbed prior to 9am, expect windmill fists, grunting, swearing and all manner of diversionary tactics to keep themselves under the sheets.
"Where is Claire, Johnson?! It's the 3rd time she has been late this week!!"

"I am afraid she is Pulling a Tinaz."


"Oh my god I slept through my alarm! It's 9.30! Can't believe I pulled a Tinaz AGAIN!!"
by TheShelfWobbler December 12, 2012