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'Pulling a Schofield' refers to that act of drinking as much alcohol as is humanly possible in an extremely short period of time. To complete "Pulling a Schofield" you will go on to project vomit on and/or near oneself then going on to roll around and sleep in the vomit.
An example of "Pulling a Schofield" would be: On a camping expedition with friends a person, who may or may not be called Jack, would drink an excessive amount of alcohol. He will then be sick all over himself and fall asleep in it.
by TehDictionaryz October 12, 2011
To "Pull a Schofield", one has to take complete disregard for others feelings - especially close friends and family - in order to facilitate personal gain...thus screwing over your mates

A slight twist on this is the remark "classic schofield" where someone points out that someone has pulled a schofield, and another responds with "classic schofield" this is multi purpose
Will was caught 'Pulling a Schofield' this morning when he told Tom about Tims secret of cracking onto Toms sister. Tim had told him this in strict confidence.

Nikesh found out that Will had 'Pulled a Schofield' when he contacted his account to find out that Will had added himself to their suppliers list instead. Nik found this odd as they were good friends and colleagues.

Tim found Will cracking onto his mum while he was out of the room. He told Mike about this who responded 'Classic Schofield'
by Wills mum September 20, 2012

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