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'Pulling a Mavrick' is when a boyfriend and girlfriend break up, but they still like each other, but they play it off like as if they dont care about each other (most of the time its the girl that does it, not the male though) and they continuously argue and fight because they get angry at each other for doing certain things but they shouldnt because they arent going out anymore, and then, when the female gets angry at the male for doing silly little things like playing a video game or talking to another female inside a video game, then the male then has to hide it or just not do it to please the female, but then later on, the female says she doesnt actually care (when obviously she does)
Male: oi, dont tell my ex that im playing World of Warcraft, she will get pissed off
Males friend: lol thats so pathetic, stop pulling a mavrick
by dza101 January 25, 2008
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