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Verb: Refers to the act of media publishers (specifically video game designers) altering a work slightly, typically through character, in order to make it more suitable for foreign audiences, or to cash in on an unrelated franchise.

The phrase is a reference to Nintendo's rerelease of the Japanese NES game "Doki Doki Panic" with Mario characters as "Super Mario bros. 2" in America; substituted because, supposedly, American distributors believed the Japanese version was too difficult, and too similar to the first Mario NES title.

Also known as "Pulling a Doki Doki Panic" or "Lost Leveling"
When sequels to foreign films that were previously unreleased in America are brought there, a common cop out to the missing original is Pulling a Mario 2 on the sequel, and marketing it as the orignal.
by SuperOtter24 March 11, 2011
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