This occurs when one person, in an epic show of douchebaggery, shifts the attention from what should be one person's unforgettable life moment to their own undeserving ass.
New mom to her husband: It's a boy!

Situational Kanye: Hey, no offense to y'all, I let y'all finish giving birth and ay'thing, but y'all shoulda had a girl. Girls are so much better, no disrespect, but they deserve to get born more than any other gender.

Husband: Stop pulling a Kanye and hand me my child back!
by rubberduckie1224 September 14, 2009
Top Definition
(v.) being the biggest douchbag in the world by attempting to better someone else's well-being...but only succeeding in being a douchbag.
"Man, did you see Gary try to stop Mary from marrying that loser Steve?"
"Yea man, he was totally pulling a Kanye."
by KACDD September 13, 2009
getting totaly wasted and making an ass of yourself at an important event.
guy1: Dude did you see kevin last night? He was totaly pulling a Kanye!

guy2: yeah I know man! he shouldn't have had that entire six pack!!
by Ohliveeahhx3 September 14, 2009
The act of completely taking the attention being directed at someone else during their big moment.
"I can't believe that Julie announced she was pregnant right when we were congratulating Monica on getting married."

"I know she was totally pulling a Kanye"
by Scarlet_j September 17, 2009
Stopping a well-deserving person in the middle of an important event to point out that another person was better, only to make everyone else feel bad and having yourself reduced to the biggest douchebag on the planet.
Man, I don't understand why that guy had to jump on the stage in the middle of that girl's speech and bash her by making that other person look better. He was seriously pulling a kanye
by Narcisssus December 07, 2009
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