1. The act of sabotaging everyone else just to spite them when losing a game.
2. Being incredibly defense of the sabotaging actions
3. Launching a personal attacks when any minor actions are challenged.
Guy 1: I'm about to beat your high score on this incredibly difficult game.

Guy 2: turns off system Not anymore.

Guy 1: You're pulling a Justin.
by Curoar Tsuma August 01, 2009
To finger a girl while she's on her period.
Girl: No Baby, Not Today. . .

Guy: Why Not (Puts Hands Down Pants)

Guy: (Stops And Takes Hand Out Of Pants) What The Hell! Why Do My Fingers Have Blood On Them!

Girl: I Did Warn You, But You Wouldn't Have It. Nice One For Pulling A Justin.
by What's-My-Name-Again February 20, 2010

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