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"Pulling a John Rogers" means when you agree to go somewhere with friends, you cancel at the last minute or sometimes after the event has started. It is generally in association with some unforeseen circumstance like your sister was planning on flying into town and you just found out about it 20 minutes ago. Canceling usually takes the form of a text message. In rare instances, a phone call or email/instant message will occur.
"He's 15 minutes late....he must be pulling a John Rogers again" - look at phone, sees text message: "Sorry guys, I can't make it".

Or, 30-60 minutes before meeting for dinner, someone in the group will receive the following text/email/IM "Sorry guys, I can't make it - I PROMISE I'll be there for the next game".
#skip #no show #on time #present #absent #late #blow off #friends
by ct_cyclist321 January 27, 2014
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