The act of pranking a friend by going to their house, and just before you leave, taking a huge, smelly shit.
Friend: Holy shit! That smells so bad! Please tell me you're not...

Me: Yep, I'm pulling a Gary.
by Onjas Libsyc October 06, 2011
Top Definition
1. The act of enagaing in a gentlemens club, champagne room services while the host convinces the party to spend all of the money in their pockets, bank account and also their "emergency fund."

This occurs when one is solicited by attractive women, most often asian, and the party falls in love during their experience.

"Pulling a Gary" often results in a 24 hour period of remorse, followed by an extended period of anxiety as a result of their significant other's potential reaction.

"Pulling a Gary" is easily recognized by surrounding parties and often times a group consoling effort is required to bring back ones spirits.
1. Man, our group had a blast that night. What a fun time! It's too bad someone was "Pulling a Gary" and they are now broke.

2. He was "Pulling a Gary" last night so im certain he has no money, no clothes and now smells like a stripper.
by Stupified777 June 14, 2014
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