Backing out of something with your friends every time because of work or some other reason.
Drew: I know we've had Vegas planned for seven months but I just found out I can't go.
Guy A: ....
Guy B: Guess he's pulling a drew all over again.
by Pixiesfan84 February 01, 2012
Top Definition
When you're being irrational and over sensitive in response to non-confrontational situations.
"My boyfriend was pissed I hung out with my friends tonight even through he couldn't do something... talk about pulling a Drew"
"Omg I had 1 drink at a party and my boyfriend started pulling a Drew"
"My boyfriend thought it was okay to ask other girls for nudes... talk about pulling a Drew"
by sassyo36 July 06, 2015
To have a sexual urge to fuck a hot grilled cheese sandwich or other types of hot food
Pulling A Drew : "Dude I got so drunk last night, I totally pulled a drew in front of everyone"
by Mrsavvy January 06, 2014
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