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Whenever some stupid mistake is made or some undue effort has been expended - because of the inefficiencies of any involved parties. This is often used in the past tense - pulled a bing. SUNY Binghamton is the origin of this phrase because the university is completely inefficient.

ie - charging a student too much because the financial aid office messed up, or charging a student a certain amount and then, after they've paid, awarding them a financial aid grant of the same amount that was paid, indicating that the student hadn't needed to pay anything in the first place.
Example 1:
Student: "I had to wait in the Student Account line for half an hour because the financial aid dept pulled a bing."

Example 2:
Person 1: "Dude, the boss is pretty pissed - why'd you come in so late?"
Person 2: "My wife totally ended up pulling a bing this morning. She sends me to the store to get bacon only to call me to say 'Never mind' as I'm paying the cashier."
by TiredOfBingMistakes March 05, 2013
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