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Completely bull shitting. Making up ridiculous lies and exaggerating things.
"I got asked to be the drummer on Madonna's tour!" "Oh stop Pulling a Dan"

"He said he got asked to be a model while he was on Holiday, but he was really just given an advert card for a photographer!" "Oh he was totally pulling a dan!!"
by Dan1234 February 28, 2008
Getting people fired up and wild
Getting up at 10am, pouring a scotch and handing everyone a beer before breakfast in Texas, every day for four days in a row, now that's pulling a Dan
by Texas lover September 18, 2008
1. The act of showing complete disregard for responsibilities and personal / professional duties.

2. The inability to act as a productive member of society.
Jerry: Hey Dale, did you finish your part of the assignment?

Dale: Nah, I didn't.

Jerry: You're really Pulling a Dan right now.


James: Hey kid! Stop eating out of the garbage! You're pulling a Dan!
by YourInnerFreak March 17, 2014
Telling someones mother on them to tell their mother.Getting the person in big trouble.
Mom tell that guy's mom that he hacked my brothers Xbox account."Pulling a Dan."
by Jared B Scott April 06, 2011
becoming completely awesome at something, then smoking too much pot and losing all your natural tallent.
dude mark was so good at skateboarding, now he's fucking pulling a dan and doesn't get off his ass.
by kelly scherpenberg October 05, 2007
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