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Completely bull shitting. Making up ridiculous lies and exaggerating things.
"I got asked to be the drummer on Madonna's tour!" "Oh stop Pulling a Dan"

"He said he got asked to be a model while he was on Holiday, but he was really just given an advert card for a photographer!" "Oh he was totally pulling a dan!!"
by Dan1234 February 28, 2008
21 7
Getting people fired up and wild
Getting up at 10am, pouring a scotch and handing everyone a beer before breakfast in Texas, every day for four days in a row, now that's pulling a Dan
by Texas lover September 18, 2008
4 2
Telling someones mother on them to tell their mother.Getting the person in big trouble.
Mom tell that guy's mom that he hacked my brothers Xbox account."Pulling a Dan."
by Jared B Scott April 06, 2011
2 1
becoming completely awesome at something, then smoking too much pot and losing all your natural tallent.
dude mark was so good at skateboarding, now he's fucking pulling a dan and doesn't get off his ass.
by kelly scherpenberg October 05, 2007
5 5