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When someone is being a total douche bag, jerk, butt-face, asshole, jerkoff, meanie, retard, son of a bitch, mother fucker, or any other degrading term to describe someone who is doing anything to try to destroy you, cause mental harm, physical harm, or just trying to ruin your day, they are "pulling a BJ."
Chick 1: Oh my god, James just broke up with me because he said you were hotter than me!
Chick 2: hah, eat that bitch
{the guy AND chick 2 are pulling a BJ in this case}

Dude 1: Man, Brian's pissed at me for sleeping with his sister, so he's telling stuff trying to get me fired AND put on a secual predator list!
Dude 2: Damn, he's pulling a BJ!
by vanilla-sam June 27, 2010