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This is a term used to define a behavior of a looser, who is also a winner, who retracts slowly with impotence in the same manner in which ineffectiveness leads to certain strategic disadvantages. Generally used in statements made about things that involve strategy where one strategic opinion of mutually distinct sides is weak in “application of force,” but strong in strategic genius; where both have winning attributes.

1) Henry Waxman asked Attorney General Mukasey about evidence from the Valerie Plame case to be presented and in type of Dialouge regarding house oversight and reform committee. Watch tomorrow, 'They will be pullin a MClellan.'PERSON ABC SAID "Did you see that e-mail dilemma, with white house server and Government Accountability?" IN REPONSE PERSONS XYZ SAID, "yeah, I did, it's interesting, one side wants to own all things and use eminent domain to seize control of all things to subject legitimacy of MORAL ABSOLUTION IN government rationale for content without any measure of oversight, it's like a strategic genius using a libby isomorph and pullin a mclellan, to protect the Pinkerton's unions' police."

Bob: Pullin' a McClellan?
Billy: Pullin' a McClellan.
by PQR July 10, 2008
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