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1. When you get something great, then find someone who got something better, they Pulled a Falcon on you.

2. When he got, she got or they got what you wanted, they Pulled a Falcon.
inspired by the State Farm Insurance commercial;

Guy1 walking down the sidewalk carrying a falcon he just bought with the money he saved on his insurance.

Guy 2 walks by carrying a Parrot he just bought and comments "I should have got a Falcon".
Ergo, he "Pulled a Falcon"
by TJFalcon September 11, 2011
When a player leaves a multiplayer server in an online video game after something bad happens to them or their team.
C&C Renegade:

Hand of Nod destroyed
falcon030: omfg
falcon030 has left the game
bob: he pulled a falcon!
by WhitedragonBC July 10, 2006
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