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When, after learning the person you are chatting with is a predator, you proclaim that you are Chris Hansen, from To Catch A Predator, in an attempt to drive them away.

Other Terms: Pulling A Chris Hansen
<bigD!CK21>: Hey, I'm 21/m/new york. How old are you?
<littlecutie9>: 15/f/new york. You do know I'm not legal right?
<bigD!CK21>: It's okay. I'm totally okay with that.
<littlecutie9>: Hello. I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline. Now, can you tell me what you were planning to do tonight?

~<bigD!CK21> has logged off~

Marissa: Hey, remember that college guy I told you I was chatting with?
Ricky: Yeah. How'd that go?
Marissa: Yesterday he asked me what I was wearing and if I was legal. So I Pulled a Chris Hansen and laughed when he logged off.
by RedRaine November 15, 2009

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