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To betray or break away from abusive overseers, often, but not limited to, family, whom one was previously loyal to in favor of gaining true friendship, love, support, ect. from the kindly so-called adversaries.

Named for Prince Zuko, who spent most of his life trying to be the perfect son for his father and live up to his total as the Crown Prince. After speaking out of turn, he was sent into a spiral of events leading him to encounter the Gaang. After repeated failures, Zuko is allowed home under false pretenses of having killed Aang. Zuko spends much of the next season realizing that the 'Gaang-his supposed enemies-actually treated him much better then his so-called allies, saving his life several times, trying to help him occasionally and even offering their friendship a couple of times. This, among other things, motivates Zuko to turn against his father and join Aang and his friends. The next few episodes revolve around Zuko proving himself and earning the trust and friendship of the Gaang.
Jake: Kim, did you hear about what happened to Andy? Totally POed his dad last night.

Kim: Yeah, he told me he'd totally Pull a Zuko on his dad if he didn't live in the man's house.
by RocktailOfShadowClan January 21, 2011
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