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Laughing at people when they have a problem or something got broke
My phones broken I'm gonna pull a Steve here Well that sucks doesn't it Becky
by Colossus8 November 30, 2010
To aid your best friend's fiance in cheating on him while he is out of the country. Then, said best friend, finds out that he is being played while still out of the country.

End result:

1.Loss of some of closest friends.

2.An actual (hopefully) long lasting relationship (better than, now ex-best friend's relationship with fiance).

3. The satisfaction of it actually being worth it and willingness to do it again if you had a time machine.
"Why aren't we hangin out with Bob tonight?"
"Cause he totally pulled a Steve with Jane."

"Don't be pullin a Steve on me while I'm gone, dude."

"I would so pull a Steve on Bob just to be with Jane."
by Ron Burgandy? May 16, 2010

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