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To become intoxicated before writing a paper in order to make the process more palatable.

Can also be used as a verb, i.e. "to hemingway a paper"
College student #1: "Bro, I'm so not looking forward to writing that paper for my politics class"

College student #2: "I most definitely agree. I would advise you to pull a Hemingway on this one."
by benrh November 23, 2010
(v.) To pull a Hemingway is when a very talented person, usually in the written or visual arts, commits suicide during/after or previous to his or her success, for no understandably reason whatsoever.
Artist one: "Have you seen Anthony lately? His Acrylic painting "Le Onde", just won the nationals."

Artist two: "Nah, he's been moping around his apartment depressed about God knows what."

Artist one: " Jeez, I sure hope he doesn't pull a Hemingway."
by Takio Lamary April 06, 2010
When you decide to lie about something until a point where you actually believe. Often is accompanied by a god-awful complexion and other mental disorders. Particularly in vermont.
Guy 1: Dude I fucking hooked up with this girl from New York, it was so sick but my parents almost caught me. Since we hooked-up in her car, my parents drove right by, it was so sketchy.

Guy 2: Dude, for one thing, a girl is not gonna drive all the way to Vermont to hook-up with you. Second of all, she probably thinks your a sketchy peice of shit becuase you have only talked to her online. Third of all, you were shopping with your mom that day. I saw you at the mall, fuckin idiot.

Innocent bystandered who happends to overhear while passing by: Correct me if im wrong, but i think that that kid just PULLED-A-HEMINGWAY!
by Dont be like dis April 28, 2005
Doing a trick with no style, and wearing a ghetto jacket while doing it. With a gay hat on.
Will: mannn did you just see that sick cork 3 i pulled??!

Kid 2: man, that wasnt a fucking cork 3, that was a fucking hemingway
by GGGGG unit author May 20, 2005
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