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The act of hurting oneself while performing a stunt on a late night show. Comes from the october, 2009 incident where Conan O'brien fell hitting the back of his head as he was performing a skit with guest Terri Hatcher. A few days later, Jay Leno Pulled a Conan by banging his head during the taping of a show. He did say, however, that he would've rather Pulled a Letterman.
Dude, I didn't notice that banana peel, totally Pulled a Conan.

Pimp: What's wrong with your head?
Hooker: Pulled a Conan last night after that chinese trick!

Watch out for that banana peel, I don't want you a Pull a Conan.
by DoriMoose October 09, 2009
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When a Mmorpg starts out great, and ends up being crap, and falling on its ass.
Forum Poster One -"Awesome! This new MMORPG came out! I can't wait to play it!"

Forum Poster Two -"Yeah same here, Let's hope it doesn't Pull a Conan."
by SourPickle July 06, 2009
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