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As in Britney Spears- To go crazy and shave off all of your hair.
Carol seemed so stressed today. I was afraid that she would pull a britney.
by michyy May 30, 2007
To not wear underwear, then flash everyone getting out of the car.

Also known as a Lohan.
"I thought I would be fine going comando, but I totally pulled a Britney"

"Be careful in that dress! Don't pull a Britney!"
by RachelD December 20, 2007
Shaving your head without second thoughts. Usually after a crazy, alcohol and drugs fuelled period of time.
She was up partying for 3 straight nights, and out of the blue, decided to pull a britney on the way home in the cheapest salon in town.
by Andre80 April 23, 2007
As in Britney Speaers Federline - Having two children within a year period not including multiple births
Jackie will eventually pull a Britney if she doesn't take her birth control pills every day.
by hotlikewasabi September 13, 2006