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To Pull a brazilian is similar to the slang term to wax that ass…
However, the intercourse is performed in a more impassioned manner.


To perform sexual intercourse on a woman in such an intense manner, you devoid her of all her sexual fluids. Rendering the female body incapable of producing its natural lubrication. The friction is so intense, any pubic hair in the region is in essence, waxed right off. The proper ending to this maneuver is to slap the woman on the buttock as you leave the lucky recipient utterly raw and spent.
ie; That guy fucked me so good he pulled a brazilian me. Girl my legs were so weak, my body went limp & my pussy was so dry… I couldn’t fuck anymore If I wanted too.

Dude, I’m gonna pull a brazilian on that girl.
by Alejjjandro January 31, 2011
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