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To say or do something really fuckin corny, very "whiteboy-ish", where the culprit finds their action or statement hysterical while the only response from others is a very faint laugh (only bc they feel bad) or complete silence for 5 seconds followed by someone screaming "FAG!!" at the top of their lungs; at which point, everyone laughs AT the person who pulled the dreaded "Connolly"...
You: There's a Ferdina on your hand..
Me: What's a Ferdina?
You: Spaghetti and Meatballs!!
Me: Way to ruin the moment a pull a "Connolly", guy...
(5 seconds of silence)..
someone else: FAG!!!

(whole room bursts out in laughter)
by Tawlk December 07, 2010
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