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freaking out over the most miniscule of circumstances. getting overly excited over something not at all exciting. Extraordinarily short tempered.

Must scream "Easy Frank" to offset...
He just "pulled a frank."

28th Amendment: Though Shall Not Pull A Frank.

If you touch me again, I will hit you. "EASY FRANK"
by beansNfrank March 14, 2013
The prerequisite to 'Pulling a Frank' is being laughably dense , and generally means having a misconception of something that should be elementary and relatively easy to piece together, even for a preschooler. 'Pulling a Frank' means going throughout most of your life with such a misconception until you ask someone about it, most likely a friend.
You and your friend walk through the park.
Suddenly your friend spots a white dove.
Your friend ponders for a moment then asks you, "Hey, Stephen. Is it true that doves turn into seagulls?"
You simply reply "Why yes. Yes of course, Frank" overwhelmed by your friend's unprecedented stupidity.

That's how you pull a frank. You're now so embarrassed to be seen with him you start pacing a little faster than him, as you walk through the park.
by SaynoaraJoe February 05, 2014
to finger a girl not so secretly under a blanket during a movie; (can also be referred to as a pulling a Hand-ah)
Person one: "I'm so stoked for movie night Sunday with {insert girls name}"
Person two: "Yeah dude just don't pull a frank"
by BroderdickCurtis August 17, 2015
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