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A long patch of vomit found on the side of a vehicle, After a herendous night of beer and shots.(may contain beer nuts, mc pukes,711 sub particles or funky pickle pizza bits.)(ALSO MAY PEEL PAINT)
I dont understand he rolled the window down to spit and the next thing I know were at hughs washing that puke stripe off.
by Willis Magee November 10, 2008
To land a patch of vomit down the side of ones vehicle. May contain but not limited to corn, fast food, funky pickle pizza, 711 sub chunks, beer, alcohol in general.(may peel paint)And comes in a variaty of colours.

Mainly seen on vehicles which are in the possesion of (again not limited) drunkards between the ages of 14 - 40ish. Any make
PukeStripes are not Bitchn

PukeStripes are not Funny unless it's your buddies car

by Willis Magee October 17, 2008
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