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Also known as Albuquerque, the city thrives on parties, sex, alcohol, and drugs. Don't come here unless you wanna get fucked up.
Let's get down in the Puke City where the grass is in a bowl and the girls are pretty (after a few drinks) oh won't you please drive me home.
by mayormartinchavez December 07, 2009
A piece of shit wasteland in the middle of New Mexico full of underage whores, drug dealers, mexicans, indians, and rejects who were too poor to afford to live anywhere else. The reference Puke refers to the fact that it's so disgusting all you wanna do is throw up. The fact that it has the US's largest DWI arrests suggests that the only "fun" thing to do here is drink and drive.
Puke City is full of some of the ugliest people known to humankind, I suggest the large amounts of radiation buried underneath the ground lead to mutations in the populace.
by ExMayorMartinChavez June 21, 2010

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