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P.D.K (puff daddy Kev) is a term used to describe ones gayness, usually referring to the lack of: sexual thoughts, normal ideas and just plain old all around gayness.

1)Public Displays of Kevinness(a.k.a. gayness)
2)Puff Daddy Kev is the mainstream rapper from the district of M.J. rapping in small church groups hoping to one day fulfill his dream of going all pro with the D.I.C.K (district of intelligent church kids)
1) Steve was acting very P.D.K today, i think he heard some of Puff Daddy Kev's new rap songs.

2)"If he werent dead he would remind everyone of what gay really was like" - Puff Daddy Kev
by me_and_not_you May 31, 2007
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