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When you're so high all you can do is smile like you stole pudding.
Yo is he high right now?
Of course he's high look at his pudding face!
by toketoketoke July 11, 2011
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Used most often by men in reference to certain women’s asses that are SO unbelievably perfect, that you would risk getting shit on your face just to eat it out. Used most commonly by males that love the act of analingus, rimming, eating-ass.
Paul, now be honest, what is the likelihood that you would risk a pudding face to get to that girls ass? What, 100?
by Sausy Jack February 11, 2006
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1. The feeling you have when you wake up in the morning and your face is puffy from sleep. One's eyes tend to be a little puffy, also mouth is gummy and smells like morning-breath.

2. Similar to "butterface", but used for someone who is not as physically attractive.
1. *Wakes up* Ugh, I feel awful, I must have such a pudding face, I'm going to go shower.

2. Person 1: Christian Bale is hott.
Person 2: Really? He's more of a puddingface if you ask me.
by PandaSlippers March 22, 2010
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