Psytrance is super repetitive music originating in Goa in the early 90s it has the most depressing "drops" ever with long build-ups only to return back to the same repetitive beat psytrance drops are the definition of an anticlimax. The only time that the music is truly bearable is if you are tripping balls and you can hear colours.
Make your own Psytrance or should I say Suicide-trance:
Say this really fast shugadugadugadugadugadugadugadugaduga(zen Buddhist talking about philosophy and the meaning of life)dugadugadugadugaduga..... And throw in some old school Sci-fi noises.

Ps. The colours are fucking Amazing.
by I <3 Psytrance April 04, 2014
A form of trance music often prefered by people who are high because of its intense nature.
Man, that psytrance messed with my head so much I started tripping.
by FF Mike April 27, 2004
a term derived from pre-existing Trance of the early 1990's what was considered "Acid" by it's founders,a genre of music sub-divided into a new category to try isolate it from the 'norm' to try and individualise its existence,Trance with a harder edge with Acidic influence and Tribal like beats,a definition created to generate an illusion of its authenticity to make in excepted into 'mainstream' Electronica as being different,a form of HardTrance but with a psychedelic and hypnotic 'feel' to it's listener,a marketing ploy to create interest in a so-called sub-genre
this some freaky shit that the DJ is playing, I reckon it's psytance,that's not normal Trance dude,it's psy-trance,Dig them tribal beats dude and that acid in that psytrance,This psytrance is hypnotising with its psychedelic Hardtrance sound,there's some good money to be made in psytrance and it's gonna be big.
by MasterSofTrancE February 09, 2006

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