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a state of being in which the "innerhuman"auto pilot takes over:

because it's a good day, because you've done it hundreds of times, because there are no thoughts present, because it's the rhythm of the morning/afternoon/evening/night, because it's happy hour somewhere in the world, because it's just me, because this is the life, because this is who i am, because ...blank...

Also happens when people take their work home and forget to switch back to "human being" a trade found in many professions and a state of being wherein everyone else sees this person needs a vacation and/or a structural recreational routine with a sidedish of spontaneous "relaxion action" and/ or a main ingredient of please come back to us.
"Get of the psychological auto pilot i am talking to you!"

"Save the psychological auto pilot speech for your clients, this is your mother speaking!"

You're driving, the phone rings: " you're disrupting my psychological auto pilot session, i was flowing."
by good attention July 01, 2013

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