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Someone that is really really crazy! Someone that is so crazy and weird that they require medical attention.
Dude....that was some Psychofuck shit!!!
by Hazler May 26, 2009
Used to describe someone who frequently freaks out for no apparent reason. The individual typically throws things and screams over petty situations. An adult who does this can appear to act as a child. More likely than not, this person includes a female menstruating.
Jimmy: Hey, dude. Emily really overreacted last night, huh?
Raffi: Yeah, man! She went all psychofuck on me!
by Raffinator September 29, 2010
A person who has a tattoo on their eye.
1.) I met a psycho fuck today.

2.) Dude, I ran into a psycho fuck today.

3.) Mark! Your eyes are so red, you look like a psycho fuck!
by R.Vytref. Ifidee fahv March 01, 2010