A boss in Metal Gear Solid. He uses his psychic powers to control Meryl's mind. he also likes to read your memory card and see what game saves you have on it.
"I'm digging deeper into your mind, into your soul....You like Castlevania don't you?"
by Solid Snake March 12, 2004
Top Definition
Ex-KGB and member of foxhound.
he can read people's minds.
the first mind he dove into was his fathers. Mantis saw his fathers hatred and burned down his village.
after reading too many sick minds of murderers he became insane too.
during Liquid's revolution he had the idea of disgusing Decoy Octopus as the DARPA Chief.
After his death, he feels guilty and helps Snake.
It was the first time he used his powers to help someone. He found it nice...
"There is no need for words Snake...I AM PSYCHO MANTIS !!!"
by Barí February 04, 2005
He knows whether you have been playing Castlevania!
I see that you have played Castlevania. --Psycho Mantis
by Alucard January 27, 2005
Coolest Boss in any game EVER!!!!
It seems you enjoy Nintindo games....and action games.
by Kunx990 June 27, 2004
Rapper from Philadelphia known for his production on MTV, and productions with other musicians in the industry.

by DA WIZARD February 07, 2012
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