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A crazy, insecure, insanely jealous, and controlling woman. Synomym - Glenn Close's role in "Fatal Attraction". Alternate Synonyms - see Bitch, Stalker, Headcase, My Ex.,
My former girlfriend called me 3 separate times on my cell - back to back to back - while I was meeting with my boss, after each time I told her specifically I was with my boss. I was nearly fired. She was not right in the head; I don't care how good that booty was, because it was not good enough to deal with that Psycho Babe!
by Toddy D. March 17, 2009
A young woman whose mental instability or derangement only adds to her sex appeal.
"Man, that Harley Quinn sure is crazy, But, like, in a hot way."

"Of course. She's a psychobabe."
by Mukduk September 26, 2015
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