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A psycho mom is the type of mom who hates her daughters. Defends her sons regardless of what sick twisted crap they do. The type of mom who says things like " I have to critisize and put down my children so they know what they have done wrong", "you are imaginating things", "Whoowerr" " I can understand why someone would beat you" "you are asbusing me" (note: spelling mistakes are not mistakes that is ACTUALLY what she says).
She lays on the couch eating (yes, while laying down) and doesn't feed anyone else. Goes out for take out as long as someone will drive her claiming there's no food she can eat but tells the kids cook themselves dinner. " There is food there for you, it is just I can not eat it"
She yells at people when they are not even there. You may think she is on the phone speaking with someone and then "ring" the phone starts ringing causing you to question her grip on reality.
Generally neglectful towards childrens need especially female children. Verbally abusive, has mental breakdown on regular basis, has not shaved her head yet but who knows what the future will hold.
" my Psycho mom was yelling at my dad for 45 mins one day"
"Whatever, my mom does that all the time"
" yea but my dad was at a movie with my brother the whole time with no phone what-so-ever."
by SurreyWhaaaaaat February 23, 2010
a mom who has yelled at someone's child thinking he was her own, has gone into public wearing at least one article of sleepwear, lost the point of her lecture to her misbehaving child and at times appears to lost her mind due to the most trivial issue i.e. what do you mean you need a dozen cupcakes tomorrow morning?
Dude, your mom is such a psychomom. She yelled at me for not wiping my feet.
by psychomommest February 04, 2010
parents who can't control there alcohol and like to drive around searching for there daughter and going to Mcdonalds threatening to shoot minors
Psycho mom:
Children- fuck you lady go home
Children- Who the fuck do you think you are your making a fucking fool of yourself go home
Mom-FUCK YOU (leaves)
by lreggies August 20, 2010
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