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A term used for people who enhance their psycho. AKA going psychotic. Can be achieved with alcohol, drugs or just pure human craziness. The term was used as the name of a epic beatdown style hardcore punk band from long island, NY.
That bum's psycho was definitely enhanced. He smashed the liquor bottle over the cops head, then puked and pissed himself!

They got really drunk at the party and launched a street sign through my wall, set my couch on fire, and took a shit in my sink. The room got psycho enhanced.

At the psycho enhancer show i got kicked in the face and accidentally drank someone else's blood. It ruled.

Latrell Sprewell's psycho was enhanced when he choked and assaulted his coach.

Ugh, once work is over, I'm gettin psycho enhanced. Hopefully i get laid and successfully break some shit.
by TomHoulihan February 03, 2014
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