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A woman who has one or more serious personality defects like emotional immaturity, impulsive behavior, narcisstic self image, ADD, and severe neurosis, so that one cannot reason with them in a dispute, and cannot maintian a healthy realtionship. Usually, a Psycho Cunt will seem like a good friend until a problem occurs, at which point they get irrational, overdramatic, and frenzied, so that you can't work out the issue. Eventually one must disassociate themselves from a Pyscho Cunt, because they will not compromise or reason.
Cortney is a Psycho Cunt, she would not let me tell my side of the story!

Cortney, the Psycho Cunt, won't stop screwing every guy she meets, she is so insecure she can't go a day without a boyfriend.
by girl wizard March 31, 2006

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