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Sometimes spelled Ps¥chadelic Vi$ions or just Psychadelic Visions is a two piece flower punk band. Consisiting of frontman anthony royce kirkland (the psychadelic visionary) and the secretive vektr. They make trippy chill sometimes hype music with influences from all genres. They are very controversial. Some call it rebel music, psychadelic music, trip hop, hipster electro, whatever. It's just dope ass music. They're live shows are fucking insane least to say.
Bob: Have you heard that new psychadelic vi$ions album?
Greg: Fuck yeah, it's the most awesome piece of music in existence!!!
Brianna: Of course, the frontman is so sexy. Swaged out. Hubby Status!!!
Bob: Bitch, I was talking about the dope ass music!
Brianna: Oh yeah, that's really good too. I love it.
Greg: Dopest shit I've heard in a while.
by theswagfinder January 21, 2012
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