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Born and raised smart-arse.

Real Pronounciation: Sigh-on-ick-Sp-eer
10:38:19 (TeNmOrEsLaVeS) u dont take time to appreciate the chick n her body :P
10:38:58 (PsionicSpear) TeNmOrEsLaVeS. With the chicks you choose, it takes TIME to check out their body.


11:21:49 * devobyl hands Pinky a mirror
11:22:05 (PsionicSpear) thats 7 years bad luck devobyl
by raveresque April 06, 2003

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10:38:19 10:38:58 11:21:49 11:22:05
A nerd who chats on irc that loves setting topics which he thinks are hilarious but are lame and morose. :)
<PsionicSpear> `topic <PsionicSpear> Ball.

by Take one fucking guess! April 06, 2003