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A false thug.

Someone who acts hard but is really just a punk ass bitch.

Not a true thug
Yeah, Robby thinks he's fucking street but he's just a pseudothug.
by tx2vt June 16, 2009
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Pseudo thug- N. A "fake" thug, some one who glorifies a lifestyle and imitates something they know (little or) nothing about. synonymous with words like wanksta(black)and poser(white)
"Ever since he (2pac) left these pseudo-thugs can't behave/they use his name/to support frail frames/if it wasn't for them bodyguards, your azz would get maimed/" -Murs, Final Frontier ReMiX

boy 1:That fool J swear he a thug
boy 2:Look at that B.B.Gun he got tucked in his bugle boy jeans.
boy 1:yea you can tell by the bright orange tip on it
boy 2:what a pseudo-thug
by King Gizzle August 21, 2005
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