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A person who tries to look smarter than it really is. Pseudo-Intellects usually post philosophy or metaphors that make no sense in their status updates on Facebook while using words they don't even understand. They also try to be political, scientific or statistical about random shit nobody cares about.

The things Pseudo-Intellects write don't make sense to anyone but themselves, and they like that because it makes them feel smarter, even though they're the real dumbasses. If they happen to get a "Like" on one of their Facebook quatrains, it's either from another Pseudo-Intellect or from a dumbass who assumes the P-I is smart.
Pseudo-Intellect on FB: "If we open trade to all countries, the surrogates can come together and we can have world peace. And finally, Man can have it's mantra fufilled."
*liked by 16 year old dumbass*

Friend on FB: "What the fuck?"
by Stay gold ponyboy June 11, 2011
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