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When you discover that someone has defriended you from their circle at an online social nework, you have "got prunefaced." The term has two linguistic derivations:

1. You have been "pruned" from a "facebook," leading to the compound word prunefaced.

2. Upon discovery of the event, you are likely to make a decidedly unattractive and very scrunched-up face, which expresses both your scorn and distaste at having been cast aside.
Examples of Usage:

"I got all kinds of prunefaced in 2011, but you know what? I don't miss any of those losers now. True story."

"That girl got so prunefaced, nobody was talking to her. Her chat windows were 100% empty, she had to call people to apologize over the PHONE. LIKE IT WAS THE 1990s!"
by betterthantelevision January 24, 2012