A wrinkled and relatively dry vagina. Often caused by years of excessive use or drought. Common in the wake of cougardom.
I toe fucked your grandmother's prunetang last night buddy. That is one nasty gilf
Don't call me buddy, friend.
by *samIam* August 20, 2010
Top Definition
A very old ladies poontang; wrinkly and saggy. Also see: Flapjacks.
I loves me some prune-tang. Hmm, Hmm, tangy.
by Clayton & Erik March 25, 2004
1.an older woman's pussy or old ladies' pussy 2.an older woman
Her mom's hot too, are you in the mood for a little prunetang?
by Mr. Jimmy J James III June 27, 2006
Prune-tang is the 2nd to last stage for good looking women. They are over the age of 60 but still looking good and in shape. Way past cougar but not quite to Geri-tang which is an attractive women over the age of 75.
by flax64 March 17, 2010
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