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Annoying s.o.b. who ruled the Khadgar server in World of Warcraft. Elite Spammer and King of Odd. Prunejuice slowly detiorated into a model citizen. The day Prunejuice died, the world shed a tear and he was honored forever more.

Prunejuice embarked on the 24 hour instance called life on August 20, 2005 and is sorely missed.
<Nothing can describe Prunejuice.>
by Speaker for the Boring November 25, 2005
Intercourse between the old or elderly.
Average Joe: "Last night I walked in on my grandparents making prune juice. I think I'm scarred for life."
by Really Ridiculous December 04, 2007
Common gaming slang for 'owned you'. Originated from 'pwned j00'.
*After killing someone in runescape*
Hahahaha...I prune juice!!!!!111
by Flash0110&606480 August 06, 2006