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A person most peole define as a Pot Head but Proud Stoners can function and could stop smoking pot but choose not to.!
Alice: Brittany your such a Pot Head you loser.!
Me: No Alice I'm not a Pot Head I'm a Proud Stoner. Ok? Get it right Bitch!

by Proud.Stoner.Bates! December 20, 2011
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A Proud Stoner is the oppisite of a Pot Head because a Proud Stoner gets high cause he/she likes the feeeling a Pot Head gets high because he is addicted and can't give it up. A Proud Stoner starts and stops getting high on his/her on accord.
Alice: So Brittany ever had something you tried to quit but couldn't cause your addicted?
Me: Nope cause everything I start I don't wanna stop if I wanted stop I wouldn't have started and I've never been addicted to anything.
Alice: Stupid Pot Head
Me: No Proud Stoner theres a difference Bitch!
by Proud.Stoner.Bates! December 20, 2011
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