to command a complete cessation of use of resources
The United States Federal Government should...wait...nothing meets....
by Josh August 29, 2004
Top Definition
1. A condom or other contraceptive
2. A gun, knife, or other weapon
3. A form of extortion whereupon the victim agrees to pay his 'protector' not to beat or otherwise harm him. Old school organized crime scam.
4. Clemency from authorities via political or other connections.
1. Before you bang that nasty ho you better have protection.
2. I ain't goin out after dark in this hood without protection.
3. Vinnie hit up the shopkeep for his protection money.
4. "Fuck you, man. I can sell this crack all I want. I got protection."
by DoktorJ December 15, 2005
1) A knife, a firearm, or some other type of concealable weapon that is commonly used by individuals living in a relatively violent or dangerous area.

2) P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.O.N. Personal Renegade Of The Expressive Condition To Influence Obvious Negativity.
'Round here, suckas need protection. Betta check yo'self, homie.
by T Hizzle April 05, 2005
some form of a contraceptive
man, i've got to remember to wear some protection...
by ald;fjk March 02, 2004
A man that trolls non-stop and speaks out his mind to anyone. Simply saying "Fuck you" to anyone he hates and shitting wherever and whoever he wants to shit on.
1. "Yo man that fucking troll is a Protection."

2. "He went all Protection on those forums."

3. "I like him because hes a Protection."
by Iamapiboss August 03, 2010
U use this while having Sex. or well u are SUPOSED to use it if u dont want a Baby :]
yah that guy didnt use protection so he has a kid now :
by graceafina120 January 13, 2007
the act of stopping cruise ships from exploiting marine natural resources
The USFG should substantially increase the protection of marine natural resources by regulating cruise ship dumping.
by Ching Chong Teriyaki Sauce March 10, 2004
not regulation
Regulations are not protection.
by Urban Dictionary Staff March 02, 2004
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