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Protecticated - Verb
Pulling a condom over ones head and saying "I am protecticated"

Protectication - Adjective
When you pull a condom over someones head and tell them they are now Protecticated

Leah ran away with Jasper, and so Rika, whom wanted Jasper ran up to him, pulled a condom on his head and shouted "protecticated", she followed through by grabbing Jasper and legging it like mad.

Emily watched as Rika pulled a condom out and put it on her head, she was puzzled by the thought that Rika was now shouting protectivated until Rika pulled out on her head, shouting "you are now protecticated"
#protection #protected #pro #prohabition #performance
by Dave-i-did-it April 20, 2009
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