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Pertains to the female of the species.Entails that no matter how many men she has slept with.And How "loose" she is considered by her peers.She always seems to have control(pussy whipping power)over the male she is currently with.It is said,she has enough experience in the sack to have been a Prostititute.Some even say she could go into this profession,or use it as a fall back career.In all truth,regardless of the number of lovers,she can always get it tight enough to keep her man in check.It is said she has a flange that will always make it tight enough for any man,regardless of size.To keep him happy. And she was born to be a prostitute.Because she posses the equipment to do the job well.
Friend - " man she's fucked half the hood @ this block party!"

Friend 2 - " yeah,I mean she's fucked most of Second Ward

Friend - " but sam(her current bf) said she's got the prostitute flange.So he's always in good.

Trick 1 - " I got to find that bitch Brandy again.She's got that magic flange."

Trick 2 - " I heard she's stripping down the block.And most likely for 40 a pop"

Trick 1 - " well let's go see.We can get a free lunch from the Club.And I'll just fuck her afterwords."
by j Reins January 13, 2011
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