a slut whos too young to be legal in porn
that pristitots tits loook like flapjacks
by die nigger April 21, 2003
One who is within the parameters of 0-36 months of age that becomes involved in any type of sexual activity, including, but not limited to fellatio, anal or vaginal intercourse, with the intention of receiving cash, credit, or debit pay in full for exchange of said stated sexual favors.
"So John Doe, saw you picking up a prostitot on the East Side." "Ya, it was her second birthday, so i took her out to the Chuck-E-Cheese's before i skull-fucked the shit out of her."
by bucky_b May 22, 2008
Locally, used to describe the "hoochies" from the university that come into town looking like whores, but are too immature to make such outfits look convincing.
Every Friday night, the downtown core becomes overrun with Brock's (university's) prostitots.
by X'ster July 01, 2006
1. (n) a really hot girl who is also really young, between the ages of 5 and 14, usually.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen used to be quite the prostitots.

Wow, your 12 year old sister would make a good prostitot!
by TheMayorAl August 30, 2004
Tweens dressing like prostitutes
Look it all those prostitots hanging around the park.
by RedKitten and the Plastic cats October 04, 2015

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