An older women who wears too much make up and not enough clothes. One who teaches prostitutes and prostitots how to dress and act.
Damn, that chick with the mini skirt on over there is such a freakin prostitutor.
by Bushleague March 28, 2012
Top Definition
An individual who teaches, either by example or coercion, the proper way to sell one's body and sexual services for money.

Usually the prostiTutor is a pimp but can sometimes be an older, more experienced hooker and lessons include (but are not limited to) the most effective ways to attire one's self, proper sexual technique and financial management.

The most successful prostiTutors tend to be appreciated by their student's clients, but the students usually require more persuasion. Effective prostiTutors have many methods of earning their students respect, but most often provide drugs free of charge until such time as the budding street-worker becomes addicted and cannot afford to pay for their habit.

Though prostiTutors and their students are usually considered by mainstream society to have come from poverted backgrounds, it is not necessarily the case.

ProstiTutors can be high-tech, and have been known to find prospective students on the internet by targeting users of such social networking sites as MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. In fact, the internet has given ProstiTutors the ability to recruit young people not just from poverted backgrounds, but from a broader spectrum of society.
Misty: "I wish I had your pimp, mine never gives me any spending money..."

Tanisha: "I got lucky, he's been the best prostitutor a ho could ask for, and hardly ever smacks me around..."
by Sunshyne Lollipops February 02, 2010
A person employed to educate and have sexual relations. The tutoring sessions usually have a happy ending.
Chip: Dude you want to go to the district tonight?

Dale: No man, I can't. I am failing spanish so my prostitutor is coming tonight. It is going to be a long night.

Chip: Alright, be sure to rubber up dude.
by soothsayer90 May 14, 2011
A word used to describe an old, retired prostitute, often still used to teach prostiteens, and prostitots, often still watched over.
Prostitutor 1: Did you go see those Prostiteens at the middle school today?
Prostitutor 2: Yeah, there becoming quite the cum guzzling sluts.
Prostitutor 1: yep, there learning well...
by Di dah do February 27, 2008
N. A tutor who teaches their disciples the act of prostitution.
Dude, my prostitutor just told me how to set my prices for sex.
by Durkadurka321 October 23, 2010
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