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This words a mixture of preppy and poser. I use it to describe preppy people(people who wear hollister etc.)who all of a sudden start trying to be punk or goth.Their total posers is all i can say.
Theirs this girl at my school and she went from one day being all popular and wearing pink everyday, to wearing all black and trying to hang out with all the punkers. She was a total proser!!!
by Sk8ter_Bitch October 02, 2005
A proser is the combination of pro and poser. A proser is someone who tries to be an athlete in a professional sport. They act just like them, look just like them, and try to be someone that they obviously never will be. They are posers who think they are professionals.
Bro #1: Hey bro, did you see my new TWall Full Tilts bro!?
Bro #2: No, quit being such a proser and using everything Tom Wallisch does.
by Veng_M January 19, 2015
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